SaD Look to 2021

With 77 club members choosing to renew their membership with the club for the 2021 season, these are indeed unprecedented times for the club. For the first time in the clubs history we have not lost a single sup-air player to another team or club.

Picture of two paintball players eliminating each other from close rangeWe are pleased to announce that for 2021 we will be creating a brand new race team to complete at the CPPS – SaD Outcasts – this team will be made up of a number of promising youngsters, the core of the squad that were crowned 2020 Breakout Division Champions, they will be joined by two three of the club experienced older players to provide a balanced line.

Across our other three squads expect minimum changes as we seek to fine-tune in order to make a concerted push across all Divisions in 2021. Elsewhere we will be seeking to relaunch SaD Renegades, this team will compete at non-CPPS events across the UK its squads will be drawn from the breadth of the club.

SaD Tactical and SaD Academy are the only two squads that are currently recruiting for the 2021 season, so if you are new and interested in trying competitive paintball in either form, woodland or concept, get in touch with us.

Picture of SAD team at CPPS on the breakNew for 2021 SaD Company – well not really new, but an initiative we are keen to explore, seeking to bridge that gap between the walk on, own gunner scene and competitive paintball. SaD Companys’ aim is to bring together people who enjoy being part of an organised group, attending walk on events, trying new sites, attending big games, all with a group of people who share the same outlook. All this with the added benefits of belonging to a club. Interested in any of the above then please get in touch by dropping us a message.

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