Staffordshire and District Paintball Club

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Stabilus, Animus, Decorum
Founded in 1993

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SAD Paintball Club have competitive teams in all Divisions of the CPPS National League. From our Elite team through divisions 1- 5 and our Academy playing in the ‘Break Out’ division. View squad news and results on the In Focus page!
The club in their 30th aniversery year are also hoping to return to competing in Europe again this year!

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SAD Paintball Club have a competitive ‘Woodball’ team who compete in events around the Country including the ECPL, UKWM and Woodsball classic series.

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SAD Paintball Club haven’t forgotten the recreational side of things with the newly re-formed SAD Company looking to establish ‘Platoons’ at popular sites across the UK, with our first commander setting up shop at ‘Outpost’ in North Wales. SAD Company will be playing at walk-on and big game events throughout the year.
View dates SaD Company are hitting the fields on the In Focus page!

The SAD Academy has been running since 2014 and has helped introduce many people to competitive Paintball. SAD Academy players have gone on to play at all levels of the Sport including representing Team GB. For more details of the Academy programme just ‘click the pic’ >>>>

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