More Paint, More Success?

More Paint, More Success?

After looking at our data over the past few weekends, we began talking about a question that plagues players and teams – does shooting a lot more paint translate into a higher chance of success per point?

Let’s investigate! And be sure to read on to the end to be in with a chance to win a SaD T-shirt of your choice!

According to the statistics we collected from seven of our SaD teams in their opening round of the CPPS Series, it would seem that the teams who spent more paint per point did in fact generate a higher rate of success. We used some mathematical wizardry and determined the average amount of paintballs shot per point, discovering that teams who shot more than 1000 per point fared better. 

SaD Old Boys of Div 5 had an average spend of 1076 paintballs per point and SaD Redemption of Div 3 used 1153. Both of these teams came 2nd on the day in their respective series and see themselves poised for a successful season. We also saw our Div 1 and Div 2 teams SaD UK and SaD Outlaws shoot over 1000 balls per point. SaD UK shot 1133 per point, finishing 2nd and SaD Outlaws shot 1294 balls per point, earning them 6th after reaching the quarter-finals.

Our teams who spent less than 1000 however – SaD Academy Co22 (4 points won out of 14), SaD RDS (5 points won out of 14) and SaD Renegades (0 points won out of 13) saw a lower rate of success.

Even though data seemed to be leading us toward an answer, it only seemed to open up more questions for us. One glaring one was this – should players pursue Zone Control tactics, or lean more into Accuracy by Volume when on the field? The choice comes in either controlling the zone by containing the player and stopping their movement or use a high volume of paint shot at the bunker and all around it to result in an accurate hit on the opponent. It seems timing might be everything, depending on the unfolding on-field narrative.

It’s certainly a head scratcher!

With this in mind, we have a treat for you! Fancy winning a SaD T-Shirt of your choosing? Then just head back to the Facebook or Instagram post that got you here, tag 2 friends in the comments and answer this question: How many points do you think SaD PC will win when they make their debut in the CPPS Elite Division on Sunday 17th April? 

Also sound off in the comments about your preferred approach – Zone Control or Accuracy by Volume? 

Let’s get the debate going!

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