Our Sponsors 2021

Platinum Sponsors

We don’t need to tell anyone who knows anything about paintball why Planet Eclipse are the one sponsor that most players would give up a minor body part to get on board! But just in case you’ve been living under a rock for 30 years, there’s many word to describe but few do justice like ‘legends’. The epitome of high performance sporting equipment right across their range, and we still have all our body parts as far as I know!

There’s no point having the best equipment in the Paintball world, winning events as often as Lewis Hamilton does, if you don’t look good doing it! Anthrax Paintball – Custom paintball jerseys, pants and teamwear ensures we have the highest performance soft goods, and look sharp on the field and down the gym in equal measure!

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Gold Sponsors

Every team needs their ‘go to’ supplier that they can count on in a bind to find that last spare part in existence, that new widget no one else has yet, or somewhere you know you can drop in an be treated like a ‘valued customer’ not the next walking wallet in the shop! For SaD Paintball Club Just Paintball is that glue that holds the parts together, the oil than makes sure things run smooth, the value add you just can’t put a price on, and always on the end of the phone when you need them most!

Virtue guarantee a few very key things for SaD Paintball Club. We can see what we’re shooting on the field thanks to their VIO and CMD Googles, and paint is feed into our Planet Markers consistently and at speed with their Spire and CMD Hoppers. A proven, winning combination. Virtue Paintball Europe | Built to Win Europe

Home to the CPPS (okpb.co.uk), the number 1 destination for competitive Paintball in the UK and fine chaps to boot.
(The breakfast rolls are great too!)

Other Sponsors

By Paintballers, for Paintballers, and anyone else who needs intruder alarms, fire alarms, CCTV, Acces control or data network installation!
Go2 Security Ltd – Security Services, Alarm, Security Cameras

Ant Sign & Print logo

By Paintballers, for Paintballers, and anyone else who needs stickers, signage, vehicle wraps, vehicle livery, laser cut lettering, shop fronts, mugs, caps, workwear, laser engraving, canvas prints, mouse mats…….. You get the idea! Ant Sign and Print

By Paintballers, for Paintballers, and anyone else who needs help to arrange insurance for a broad range of commercial sectors and private clients. In fact, the range of insurance they can provide is far to long to list here so I suggest you go check them out whatever your insurance needs!
UKGlobal | Insurance, Healthcare and Risk Management Solutions

As Snap! once said, “Maniac brainiac, winnin’ the game” “I’ve got the power”. And Sad Paintball Club get their power from Battery Station! When you have 40+ players getting set for the field, you need a lot of good batteries to be “winnin’ the game”, Battery station has us covered! Batteries from Leading Brands at Discounted Prices

If you want to be dropping your pods in your hopper, not all over the floor then there’s only one pack you need……. Bunkerkings Pod Harness – Virtuepb.eu